Our Vision & Approach


What makes us extraordinary?

Our difference is not in what we teach, but how we teach it. We accelerate learning by starting early and challenging students at the highest level.

Emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

With declining degrees awarded in STEM majors and representing fewer than 10% of the STEM workforce, improving science and technology education is a high priority on the nation’s educational agenda.
Using their strong backgrounds in math and science education, MIT graduates Rev. Dr. Michael and Crystal Dixon are committed to closing the achievement gap by actively engaging students with real-life problems and research, and those who are doing it, such as MIT researchers working on the Mars mission.

Accelerated Learning Paradigm

Our accelerated curriculum is designed to make extraordinary academic achievement seem ordinary. Students are exposed to small portions of difficult concepts spiraled over a long period of time. To help students master calculus, we start teaching it in the first grade, and allow the students to see it over and over every year in increasing complexity. Third graders learn the concepts of derivatives and integrals by understanding the relationship between a marathon runner’s position and time.

Our Educational Philosophy

Cross Factor Academy strives to provide opportunities, both in and out of the classroom, for students to acquire a strong, positive self-image and to develop appropriate social, academic, and decision-making skills. Treated as individuals, students of varying levels of achievement are accepted and encouraged to develop according to their potential. Each student is taught the value of learning from one another as well as with one another. CFA provides a stimulating educational environment designed to nurture and enhance the experience of learning together.

Along with a complete academic, physical, and social program, CFA preserves a spiritual influence. This influence allows opportunity for student exposure to a personal understanding of faith in God. While CFA preserves a spiritual influence, it is not parochial in nature. Students from all backgrounds and beliefs are encouraged to attend. Through our balanced educational program, children will learn to respect and care for themselves. This is accomplished through a physical fitness program, science, health, and other curriculum supplements.

Sportsmanship and personal integrity are an important part of the total curriculum and are fostered through the physical education program, which stresses life principles such as cooperation, fair play, and the ability to handle success and failure in addition to physical fitness.

For a child to function as a balanced, productive member in society, he/she must first have a healthy self-concept. CFA strives to develop the child’s ability to interact with peers and adults in both a structured and unstructured setting. CFA believes that reinforcing positive behavior, attitude, and accomplishment are essential to a child’s social development.

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